What is Collecting Contemporary?

1.Why did you decide to write Collecting Contemporary?
It’s based on a book I read when I was an arbitrage trader/analyst at Oppenheimer & Co. called Market Wizards, which interviewed the first generation of hedge-fund kings. I thought to bring this concept to the art world, but ended up taking it further by dividing the art market into 5 categories and digging deeper.

2.Why did you choose the interview format?
At the time, no one had done a book like it, and I didn’t feel I had the credibility to write down my own views, so I decided to speak through others.

3.How did writing the book influence your activity as an art collector?
In fact, I ended up learning tons, and using the process as a type of art therapy and analysis. Pick enough people’s brains and you end up the expert.

4.What do you think caused such strong interest in Collecting Contemporary?
I released the book in ’06, just before the peak of the market in late ‘07, so everything I had written and published ended up being a self-fulfilling prophecy… at least until the cracks of ‘08. But most of the book is still valid today.

5.What can the reader hope to gain from Collecting Contemporary?
I think it’s a must read for starters, intermediates, and anyone who wants to understand the psychology of the art market.