There are contemporary art hotels and there are contemporary design hotels… you are an expert on contemporary art and contemporary design, so when are you going to open a contemporary art + design hotel? Maybe, you don’t like art hotels and design hotels. What is your favorite hotel?
September 23, 2011

Dear Mr.Perry,

Art+Design hotels are usually done on thin budgets. I can’t think of any done particularly well, though I liked the bar Julian Schnabel did for the Gramercy Park Hotel in NY. I love the Hotel Splendido in Portofino, and I’m a fan of the Ritz in Paris, but I’m totally over the Costes. I guess I like old hotels like the Pellicano in Porto Ercole. I don’t like the Aman style, it’s aged badly. Though I’ve never stayed in the Swiss spa done by Peter Zumthor, the Hotel Therme Vals, perhaps that would change my mind.