“Adel Abdessemed: ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf’”, The New York Times

Roberta Smith lowers the boom on Adel Abdessemed’s show at Zwirner… one of the best negative reviews in a while. Read it here.

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  1.  oh please. it was enough to see the first image they published to see where he was going.  the razor wire jesus! how lame. how banal. how boring. someone should put a ban on the jesus image. 🙂 when people go too literal, things go wild. Adel, get a real job.

  2. Roberta
    Smith pastes her prejudices, bile, and “clichés” on Adel Abdessemed.
    That’s the problem with ossified institutions like NYT, when columns are
    like reserved slots in a cemetery, still empty but preempting life.

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