A Note from John McWhinnie to David Matterhorn

John McWhinnie wrote this message to his friend David Matterhorn, it was read at his memorial, it’s so great, read it here:
“o.k matterhorn? It’s just my opinion, just one man’s opinion, just the man’s opinion, just The Man’s opinion – and so thought of that way, doesn’t need to be given much heed, except that it comes from me, the Man Who Is To Be Heeded because he is heading to a state of aesthetic godliness, which isn’t next to cleanliness (cleanliness is down the hall, two rights, then take a left at the elevator banks) but rather next to shoddiness, which makes for a much funner form of godliness (in fact, it gives one liberties that most humans would only dream of). So you see, what I say is a mere raindrop in a thunder storm in an amazon rain forest: a single raindrop which is, however, capable of being seen from space, from deep, deep space, a space so deep and infinite and awesome that if you were to take a picture from the furthest point at which my awesome raindrop was visible (with the most sophisticated telescope) you’d see my iris looking back at you!

Your Friend

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  1. Sorry but this is fantastic! …”from the furthest point…you’d see my Iris looking back at you”. John, that is GENIUS.

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