Dear Adam, We noticed the you took a picture of a piece of art with your phone last night. We were wondering how you feel about people in general photographing work at art shows. And we also wonder what you intend to do with your photograph. XO

Dear Melet Mercantile friends,

I often take pictures of what I’m looking at to jog my memory the next day, and rethink the work I was looking at. But you are perceptive! And indeed I have another purpose, I plan to launch a photo blog on my website…and you are doubly right, technically you can’t take a picture of someone’s art and post it, publish it, use it etc…but people do it all the time, check out Artnet, the auction results ¬†website, they don’t clear the rights on ANYTHING, the whole thing is technically illegal, they have no right to any of the images !

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