“Call Yourself a Critic?”, Frieze

Sam Thorne makes the case in this month’s Frieze that the best critics are part timers. Hear, hear!


  1.  my favorite art critic is Donald Kuspit. 🙂  (there are great pieces on grey Johns, Kiefer and modern art on artnet.com) he’s not perfect. . lately i avoid art criticizm. it reduces itself to description. and i cant stand description. i did few texts for croatian art magazine. i refused to continue, because, i would have to repeat myself. and there are no good shows here. i would have to attack and kill all the time! 🙂 lets remind ourselves to the etymology of the word: from greek: kritikos “able to make judgments,” from krinein “to separate, decide” (what’s meant is to seperate truth from lies). ergo: the true critic should be able to seperate true art from the “fake” one. here, it gets difficult. true art wants the same thing as philosophy. the truth. (for instance, Spinoza’s “causa sui”, to be one’s own cause = freedom, for Spinoza and Hegel if you wish, Kandinsky is a true painter, because in his paintings, freedom of art comes to light, free from anything human, natural, devine…)its a long story. anyway, you can be a part timer if you like to. the question is, are you fighting for true art or not?! 🙂 are there true contemporary artists today? i dont know. i havent found one yet. (because pure freedom is not the truth) (i cant disagree with Plato) 🙂  (“artists” are glued to the nihilisitic and necrofilic states of the world….)…

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