“Photography’s Angel Provocateur: ‘Cindy Sherman’ at Museum of Modern Art”, The New York Times

The acclaim for Cindy Sherman’s retrospective at MoMA has been near unanimous. Roberta Smith’s contribution to the love fest is only tempered by her scolding that the show itself doesn’t quite live up to Sherman’s supposed greatness.


  1. and you? did you see the show? what’s your take on the damn thing? both her work and the show?

  2. I did Stefan, and it’s too big and dull for me. I’m trying to get me review out but there’s so much misreading I’m afraid I’ll start WW3 if I said what I really think…
    Sherman pics are interesting, some of them, and to a point-that’s what I’m feeling now

  3. start WW3. i’m also not excited with most of her work, but i love her for the images that work great. and for instance, her entire MOMA show should have had ALL the walls covered with that wallpaper work, not just few of them … didn’t people learn anything from that Fischer/Brown show at Shafrazi? 🙂

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